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DISCOGRAPHY - Madhouse/Eric Leeds

Madhouse / Eric Leeds (Releases: 1987 - 2001)


What/who is MADHOUSE?

This jazz-rock fusion group starts basicly with the quartet of Prince, Sheila E., Eric
Leeds and Levi Seacer, Jr. - later changed/added some musicians (from The NPG) like
Sonny T. or Michael B. (aka 'The New Power Madhouse' in 1993/94).
All songs are (mostly) written by Prince under the name Madhouse or co-written with
Eric Leeds, Prince's long time friend, band member and musician (saxophone, flute).

What's the name of the girl on the Madhouse covers?

Maneca Lightner

Where are the 'gangster' segues and samples taken from?

The soundbites are taken from The Godfather movies!
Vanity's moaning (from the unreleased track "Vibrator", 1983) was sampled on the first album
and also incorporated into "The Dopamine Rush Suite", same as Apollonia's vocals from "In a
spanish Villa" (released on Apollonia 6, 1984). Other voices included are Mathilda May
(french) and Anna Garcia (dutch).

Are the Madhouse CD's still available?

Unfortunatly out of print - more or less collector's items and hard 2 get!

Is there unreleased stuff? What about the 3rd Madhouse album '24'?
What about the different "24" versions?

There are two completly different and still unreleased albums - both titled "24".
The first version is from December 1988, the other revamped compilation from 1993/94).
One song "17" was finally released on the compilation album Prince/Various Artists "1-800-
New-Funk" (1994). This track was also included as B-Side (or double A-Side if U like) on
the MaxCD "Standing at the altar" by Margie Cox.

Tell me something about the non-Madhouse/Prine-solo compositons "24" and
"A letter 4 Miles" aka "Miles is alive?"

There's a jazzy tune called "24" which is probably a Prince solo instrumental from 1989/1990.
The instrumental "Letter 4 Miles" is an tribute to Miles Davis (recorded in 1992).

What about the remixes of some trax?

The remixes are officially realeased on the 12"-singles (vinyl). This tracks have been included on bootleg!

Is the Madhouse track '17' on the 1-800-NEW FUNK sampler (from 1994) identical with the
song with the same name on the "24" albums?

Nope, not to "17 (Penetration)" from the first "24"-version - but YES to the song "17" from the new
version of "24" (July 1993).

What is the last Madhouse activity?

You can find on the June edition of NPG AHDIO Show: Transmission #5 (from NPG Music Club)
the songs "Six", "Seven" and "Eight" (from the first album "8").

Who is Eric Leeds?

Eric Leeds is/was Prince's long time friend, band member and musician (saxophone). Many people
see Prince's side project Madhouse as a way (or Prince's thank you) for Eric's output - he is
the co-founder of Madhouse! BTW Eric's brother Alan Leeds was Prince's tour manager and Vize-
president at Paisley Park from 1982 until 1992.
Finally Eric managed to put out his own stuff on three solo albums so far. Eric Leeds had a big
influence on Prince's music (connected him to other instruments like the use of saxophone or
flute and finally the use of a horn section like the 'NPG Hornz' aka "Hornheads".
BTW if U like this jazzy side of Prince U should check out the releases of Eric Leeds (listed
at the end of this discography!). On his first album "Times Squard" (1991) you find some co-
written Prince songs, this tunes are reworked 'leftovers' from the Madhouse sessions in 1987.
He also reworked and released the Prince-penned "The Dopamine Rush" (from the unreleased "24")!

The global official + unofficial releases

Year Format Title/cover Tracklist




01. "One"
02. "Two"
03. "Three"
04. "Four"
05. "Five"
06. "Six"
07. "Seven"
08. "Eight"

MUSICIANS: basicly the quartet Prince, Sheila E., Eric Leeds and Levi Seacer, Jr..
All songs are (mostly) written by Prince under the name Madhouse!

NOTE: Single from this album (contains non-album track):

  • "Six and 1/2"

Recorded: 1986/1987
Released: 01/21/1987
LABEL: Paisley Park/Warner Bros.


12" Vinyl Single





A1: "6 (End of the world Mix)" (5:45)
B1: "6" (3:37)
B2: "6 and 1/2 (2:30)

1987 Paisley Park/WB

Nov., 1987



01. "Nine"
02. "Ten"
03. "Eleven"
04. "Twelve"
05. "Thirteen"
06. "Fourteen"
07. "Fifteen"
08. "Sixteen"


Prince, Sheila E., Eric Leeds and Levi Seacer, Jr. - Dr. Fink and John Lewis (drums)
Most of the songs are written by Prince (as Madhouse) or co-written with the band members!

NOTE: Singles from this album (contain non-album tracks and mixes):

  • "Ten and 1/2"
  • "Thirteen and 1/2"

Recorded: July - August 1987
Released: 11/18/1987
LABEL: Paisley Park/Warner Bros.


12" Vinyl Single





A1: 10 (The Perfect mix) (7:13)
B1: "10" (The Perfect 10) [7"-vers.] (3:51)
B2: "10 and 1/2" (3:18)
B3: "2" (5:28)

1987 Paisley Park/WB


12" Vinyl Single





A1: "13 (The Paisley Park Mix)" (7:49)
A2: "13 and 1/4" (5:47)
B1: "13 (LP version)" (4:46)
B2: "4 (LP version)" (2:24)

1988 Paisley Park/WB


CD - unreleased!

"24" (non-official, bootleg!)

01. "17 (Penetration)"
02. "18 (R U Legal Yet?)"
03. "19 (A Girl and Her Puppy)"
04. "20 (Jailbait)"
05. "21 - 24 (The Dopamine Rush Suite)"
06. "6 (The End Of The World Mix)"*
07. "13 (The Perfect Mix)"*
08. "10 (The Paisley Park Mix)"*
09. "The voice inside"**
10. "Good Man"**
11. "Your love is so hard"**
12. "Pink Cashmere"** [Hidden track!]

*Remixes from 12"-singles, **Prince outtakes


CD - unreleased!

"24" [First Edition, 1989]

01. "17 (Penetration)"
02. "18 (R U legal yet?)"
03. "19 (A girl and her Puppy)"
04. "20 (Jailbait)"
The Dopamine Rush Suite (21-24):
05. "21 (The Dopamine Rush Suite)"
06. "22 (Amsterdam)"
07. "23 (Spanish Eros)"
08. "24 (Orgasm)"

NOTE: Recorded 1988/1989


Prince, Sheila E., Levi Seacer Jr and Eric Leeds


CD - unreleased!

"24" [Second Edition, 1993]


"Fantasia", 1997
"New Power Madhouse" from tripe CD-Set "Paisley Park Extravaganza", 1996

01. "17"*
02. "Rootie Kazootie"
03. "Space"**
04. SEGUE: "Guitar"
05. "Asswoop" [aka "Asswhuppin' in a trunk"]
06. SEGUE: "Ethereal"
07. "Parlor Games"
08. SEGUE: "Michael B."
09. "(Got 2) Give It Up" (feat. Nona Gaye)***
10. SEGUE: "Sonny T."

NOTE: Recorded July 1993
completly different from the first version of "24"!

The only officially released song ist "17" (on the compilation "1-800-NEW FUNK", 1994)


The New Power Madhouse -

Prince/O(+>, Sonny Thompson, Michael Bland, Levi Seacer, Jr., Eric Leeds.
Guests: Nona Gay, The Steeles

*Working titles: "Carnac" = "17" / "Edward" = "Asswoop"

**Based on/more or less instr. version of "Space" (from Prince's album "Come", 1994)

***Cover version of the Marvin Gaye song, this time feat. his daughter Nona on lead vox!



Margie Cox / Madhouse
(B-Side: "17")

1. "Standig at the altar (The 1-800-New Funk Version)"* by Margie Cox
2. "Standig at the altar (Extended Version)" by Margie Cox
3. "17"* by Madhouse

*Taken from the compilation "1-800-NEW-FUNK" album:

The song "17" is not identical with "17 (Penetration)" from the first edition of the album "24"!

LABEL: NPG Records



Eric Leeds "Times Squared"

01. "Lines"
02. "Andorra"*
03. "Night owl"*
04. "Overnight, every night"*+
05. "Cape Horn"*
06. "Little Rock"*
07. "Easy does it"*
08. "The Dopamine Rush"*
09. "Kenya"
10. "Times Squared"*
11. "One upon a time"*

*(Co)-written/produced by Prince
+ Bonus cut on CD

LABEL: Paisley Park/Warner Bros.



Eric Leeds "Things left unsaid"

01. "Isla Mujeres"
02. "Two Sisters"
03. "Things left unsaid"
04. "Aguadilla"*
05. "Woman in chains"
06. "Times gift"
07. "Yaounde"
08. "Soldiers things"
09. "Commuting"

*Composed by Eric Leeds and Prince/incl. a line from "Desire" (The Family), written by Prince!

LABEL: Paisley Park/Warner Bros.



Eric Leeds "Now & again"

01. "Now and again"
02. "Djibouti"
03. "Rio Diamante"
04. "No reason at all"
05. Medley: "Nowhere to be found"/"Rainbow"
06. "To whom it may concern"
07. "Queen's Plaza"
08. "Mack Daddy"

LABEL: Zinc Records, K-tel International (USA)

Covers © by Paisley Park/Warner Bros., NPG Records, Zinc Records.

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